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Garment retail, aka fashion retail, industry is one of those industries where the SKUs are available for a very short period of time and have limited inventory in comparison to SKUs in other industries. We have designed warehouses with Garment-on-Hanger storage and distribution concept, which is one of the rapidly adopted concepts in the industry. Solutions like Mini load ASRS fit perfectly to this profile of storage.

It is extremely important to store this commodity in dust-proof environment in ready-for-sale condition. Quality control while and through assortation and sortation operations on receipt is critical for maximum customer satisfaction. Our ergonomically designed packing tables enable a top-notch packing experience to the packer and assists him in improving his packing efficiency. Our layouts help in executing an effective and efficient returns management process, which contributes to a considerable number of hours in warehouse operations. We understand the importance of having a smooth integration of garment storing and despatch methodology necessary to achieve proper and least handling from storage to delivery.

Our designs focus on optimising space by improving capacity utilisation through efficient integration of man, material and machine flows which are aligned with existing infrastructure while improving productivity and process efficiency. This is possible through introduction of suitable storage system mix which is derived based on the client’s SKU(s) and their storage requirements supported by correctly specified and sourced material handling equipment, conveying systems and economical and feasible mechanisation / automation.

Flooring is one of the most important and integral elements of a warehouse. We have a thorough understanding of the flooring requirements of the industry which enables us to design the floor based on actual point loads, flatness & levelness, abrasion resistance, joint protections and hygiene requirements for ambient, temperature controlled and cold stores.

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