Master Planning & Functional detailing Architectural Drawings

Masterplans that optimize capacity

With a deep understanding of India's logistics and economic context, we make masterplans for warehouses and design logistics parks. Our project sizes have ranged from 6 lakh (0.6 Mn) square feet to 24 lakhs (2.4 Mn) square feet pan-India. Another important feature of what we offer is a unique and rising demand in the field of logistics infrastructure: a detailed usage of space available for construction. All over the world, this feature enables multi-national corporations and industrial pioneers to operate in the most efficient manner, with the available spaces. Truck terminals, proper docking platforms, proper clearances, estate roads, hygiene facilities and unilateral flow of traffic with no traffic congestions are essential for development of world class logistics park. We ensure that the Warehouses and the Logistic Parks are best in class and Audit-Clear.


  • We conduct Pre-design study
  • We analyse the throughputs of vehicles and people, understand a business's ecosystem which includes the proposed intent of development.
  • We conceptualise the layout, provide facility specifications to optimise productivity and efficiency of the building(s) and warehouse(s) based on the understanding of Supply Chain requirements, warehousing & transportation processes and operations.
  • We prepare master layouts
  • We provide warehouse and support building outlines and estate road paths.
  • We provide architectural and engineering design services


  • Improved efficiency and productivity.
  • Logistics infrastructure which allows the customer to expand and have scalable operations without having to make huge investments for change.
  • We help you answer the following:
  • What type of warehouse to build according to specific needs and criteria?
  • Where should it be located?
  • What should the shape and size proportions be?
  • What should be the proportion of loading docks/doors to floor area?
  • What should be the ratio of office space?
  • What is the long-term development strategy?
  • What should the specifications (Building Elements) of the warehouses be?
  • What type of floor and construction system should be used?
  • What will be the estimated cost?