All product categories in B2C & B2B

eCommerce is the future of sales as we increasingly move from brick and mortar stores to online sales and we have worked with the leading eCommerce companies operating in India and abroad in various sectors.

We design intra-warehouse fitouts and layouts for companies in B2B or B2C eCommerce sector which assists them in achieving maximum order fill rate. Our detailed and granular material receipt and despatch process enables a fast and accurate storage and retrieval of SKUs. Our deep understanding of the returns and rejections management processes enables our clients to manage it in an efficient manner.

We use modern data analysis techniques for data collection & structuring, efficient SKU slotting, order sequencing and deciding the ideal picking-sorting-consolidation process. Opportunities of process improvements are identified through mechanization and/or automation. Our packing table designs are ergonomic which empowers our clients to achieve the packing targets required to churn the necessary throughput. Our key design considerations also include provisioning of large number of vehicles docking bays to facilitate high throughput of LCVs and VLCVs with low turn around time.

Our designs focus on optimising space by improving capacity utilisation through efficient integration of man, material and machine flows which are aligned with existing infrastructure while improving productivity and process efficiency. This is possible through introduction of suitable storage system mix which is derived based on the client’s SKU(s) and their storage requirements supported by correctly specified and sourced material handling equipment, conveying systems and economical and feasible mechanisation / automation.

We ensure in our designs that man movement is access controlled with secure check points at human entry and exit points in the warehouse is through a specific protocol based on our client’s policies and requirements.

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