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Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), by definition, are products that are sold quickly and at relatively low margin. We understand the critical calibration of agility and robustness required to facilitate an effective distribution service for an FMCG company/retailer.

We have master planned and designed intra-warehouse fitouts and layouts for leading global FMCG companies. Our design ideology enables our clients to attain maximum order fill rate and reduces the occurrences of stockouts. Technology integrated designs provide speed and maximum transparency in information flow across distribution channel partners. It also provides a lot of visibility to the saleable inventory in the distribution centres. Our building designs provide optimum number of dock doors for material inward and outward, the ability to cross-dock, capability to service a high throughput of varied types of incoming and outgoing distribution vehicles and operate at efficient turn-around-times (TAT).

Our designs focus on optimising space by improving capacity utilisation through efficient integration of man, material and machine flows which are aligned with existing infrastructure while improving productivity and process efficiency. This is possible through introduction of suitable storage system mix which is derived based on the client’s SKU(s) and their storage requirements supported by correctly specified and sourced material handling equipment, conveying systems and economical and feasible mechanisation / automation.