Performance Evaluation - Warehouse Operations

Defining the Matrix to Perfection

Coign’s performance evaluation covers a broad spectrum of your existing warehouse operations from the point of view industry excellence. We identify challenges, opportunities and gaps within a logistics infrastructure, and anything in need of improvement, so that performance and productivity can be improved without much disrupting operations as they are. Having understood the potential of improvements we recommend our solution in the intra-warehouse process & fit-out integrated layout design scope.

Every company needs to identify and strictly adhere to a warehouse operations performance evaluation matrix. This matrix helps the company to monitor, control and identify opportunities for improving its efficiencies with regards to productivity, capacity utilization, resource utilization and power consumption. The matrix needs to continually evolve as the processes change and improve. It helps in evaluating the company’s warehousing and fulfillment processes with industry benchmarks.

Coign’s consultation helps build a foundation for regular evaluation as well, because it provides the underlying questions of a framework that can help build a efficiency. Starting from ‘what’ to evaluate, to ‘where’, ‘when’, ‘who’, ‘how’, ‘why’ and the frequency of evaluation, we work hand-in-hand with our clients.


  • Defined relationship between resource and process for calculating the necessary throughput
  • Monitor the trends and seasons in resource efficiencies to avoid unnecessary surprises
  • Control over processes in times of peak and resource unavailability
  • Easy to understand & calculate the ROI cycle for capital intensive equipment & resources
  • Opportunity to be an industry leader in various warehousing operations