Intra-warehouse process & fit-out integrated layout design

Layouts that provide for scalability

Coign has a rich working experience in executing Supply Chain Solutions in the domain of warehouse, distribution and fulfilment centre operations. This ranges from planning layouts and fit-outs, warehouse operations, automation, transport vehicle interface, defining the level of skill requirement and general practices across all regions in the country, blended with a global exposure. Coign helps in harnessing the optimum specifications and design, which in the long term, ensures primarily integrity, process flexibility and scalability.


  • Pre-design study
  • We analyse the As-Is process, perform data analytics by studying the SKUs’ procurement strategy, order patterns, volumetric dimensions, etc.
  • Define processes
  • Design the warehouse layout including warehouse office and support services
  • Recommend the design for storage equipment mix and material handling equipment mix
  • Equipment Analysis
  • We analyse the mechanisation and automation requirements to support the processes
  • Signage requirement analysis
  • On the basis of flows of man and material, we list the directional, instructional and warning signage for the project.
  • Provide inputs for design of building safety equipment, lighting layout, electrical design, CCTV and access control systems.
  • We recommend secure flows for man, material and equipment movement.


  • Smooth flow of man, material & equipment leads to increase in productivity and efficiency
  • Integration of Material Storage Equipment (MSE) ensuring fast retrieval, perfect fit, avoiding loss of space and increasing capacity utilisation
  • Comprehensive consideration of flows, structures, efficient routes; reducing turnaround times