Consumer Durable and Hi-Tech

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Consumer durable and hi-tech industries are the “fragile”/ “handle-with-care” commodity retailing industries, and thus, safe handling of SKUs plays a major role while designing their distribution facilities. We design our warehouse floors based on actual point loads, flatness & levelness, abrasion resistance, joint protections, and hygiene requirements to enable speedy movement of sensitive and high-end forklifts. The external yards are also designed to facilitate smooth movement of incoming and outgoing containerised distribution vehicles.

We integrate dock automation equipment in our designs to enable a safe loading & unloading operation, and seamless flow of SKUs in and out of the warehouse. The flow of man and material handling equipment is also designed in a manner that there are very few interceptions of their flow paths, which eventually results in safe handling of SKUs inside the warehouse.

Our designs focus on optimising space by improving capacity utilisation through efficient integration of man, material and machine flows which are aligned with existing infrastructure while improving productivity and process efficiency. This is possible through introduction of suitable storage system mix which is derived based on the client’s SKU(s) and their storage requirements supported by correctly specified and sourced material handling equipment, conveying systems and economical and feasible mechanisation / automation.