Pre-occupation Site Audit

Warehouse Assessment for fit-to-use

The Pre-Occupation Site Audit is advised as one of the best practices before occupying a warehouse for use. We introduced this after understanding the plight of tenants and the misfit of infrastructure to their needs and processes they executed within the warehouse.

It is a source of great assurance, when you can verify the infrastructure facilities from shortlisted sites presented by property agents, like connectivity to the main road, guarded entrances, appropriate estate road widths catering to the required turning radii of the vehicles, sufficient docking yard widths, basic and service utilities, human hygiene facilities, building with appropriate column grids, and various elements that are required for fit-out equipment and gadgets that are becoming mandatory to the operations of a modern day warehouse. A pre-occupation site audit helps customers in taking an informed decision on the type of infrastructure they choose. Additionally, it also helps in creating a list of technical deliverables by the prospective landlord before the warehouse is occupied.


    Preparing of compliance checklist for infrastructure, facilities and amenities on the basis of client operations, functional requirements and warehouse hierarchy in the chain, which includes the following:

  • Geographical positioning
  • Approvals and certification
  • Compatibility of building specifications to process
  • External accessibility & yard size
  • Entrance & traffic management
  • Services evaluation
  • Flooring analysis


  • Hiring the warehouse in the right location facilitating order fulfilment at better rates.
  • Hiring the right warehouse for the required functions, processes and human considerations.
  • Hiring a warehouse with the right facilities and amenities
  • Reduction in capital expenditure by the occupier on account of expenses which otherwise are to the account of the landlord
  • Reduction in repair and maintenance expenses
  • Less downtime of equipment and infrastructure
  • Pre-Occupation Technical assessment of critical parameters