Warehouse Operations Process Documentation & SOP writing

Documents which clarify procedures and flows

One of the important services we offer is Process Documentation, that can ensure the smooth functioning of all processes in a warehouse. By documenting data capture, system action flows and recording of information used by transaction managers to review on-ground process executors, a company has everything it needs to ensure that all internal and customer-defined processes are carried out to standards of consistency and efficiency. Every node in the chain of command, every vertical function of logistics infrastructure, including inward, storage and dispatch, will have trustworthy and credible means to implement plans, monitor the functions and make quick decisions. Coign also helps logistics companies understand the stipulated Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) requirements and execute plans accordingly.


  • Warehouse operations process audit
  • Process gap analysis
  • Process documentation
  • Writing SOPs


  • No operational ambiguity
  • Well documented processes can act as training material for new employees.
  • Documented processes can be used by the marketing and sales teams to understand the organisation capabilities which equips them to offer the right solutions to clients.
  • Documentation makes it easier for management to analyse the knowledge used to design processes, and decide if the process is relevant in the environment they are operating in.
  • Helps in comparing processes with its previous iterations to gauge changes in performance over a period of time