Sourcing Assistance & Specifications listing

Leverage on our best-in-class procurement experience

We create equipment specification documents on the basis of functional and technical requirements of our clients. Coign also guarantees a strong foundation of knowledge and experience to specify critical design basis for architectural, structural and service considerations. With respect to column grids, heights and various operating structures, our designs are integrated to the use of a warehouse and its processes. These decisions are extremely knowledge-driven and facilitate the tight integration of the infrastructure to the process executed in it.


  • We conduct the pre-bid process
  • We prepare the Tenders / RFQ documents
  • We undertake technical and commercial analysis of vendor response
  • We will be rating, grading and recommending vendors
  • We conduct installation audits
  • We also certifying compliance and completion
  • We also provide user based functional, dimensional and technical specifications for
  • Pre Engineered Building (PEB)
  • Material storage equipment (MSE)
  • Material handling equipment (MHE)
  • Dock automation solutions
  • Building insulation solutions
  • Process furniture design and specifications
  • Automation and mechanisation solutions


  • We ensure you purchase the right equipment in the right quantities and at the right time.
  • Our sourcing services also deliver a high-performance building by smoothening flow of vehicles, material and man.
  • Our specifications are aligned to human considerations, improving productivity and good working environment.
  • Ergonomically designed process furniture increasing productivity
  • Comprehensive functional and technical specifications leading to higher ROI
  • Technical and Commercial analysis for quick decision making